me: *touches elbows with a stranger on a shared armrest*
me: what are we

Depression comes in you’ll never know but we will always have someone that is suffering like us and we will be able to change together :)


Well its been awhile, been busy lately I mean like very busy so I’ve started my internship :) can’t believe the airport hotel would accept me, I felt very grateful towards my boss and all my seniors at work :) it might be tiring but I learn a lot of things it might be tiring for the first week but somehow I’m getting the hang of it weekends felt tiring and today is actually sunday the second day of my rest day probably next week I will no longer see weekends as rest days because my schedules are all jumped around well gotta start getting use to it now since its just 2 months of work well 10 weeks will be over soon but I am glad that I’ve survived the first week without any problems hope the next 9 weeks will be smoothly like the first :) .. its my first day of rest day and I had an impromptu meet up with my secondary school mates we had Korean barbeque and I really had fun and enjoyed dinner but that’s not all hahaha turns out its like a Saturday movie night so we went to watch a movie, managed to watch “A Walk Among the Tombstones” well it was good movie I’ll probably give it a 4/5 paws :3 liam neeson is just too charismatic hahaha I wish to be like him tho hahaha star struck *o* well I guess I shall end my day now :)

Rest well and Goodnight Amos …


Some bits of an animation I did for LeCube, adapted by them, from some spots originally created by Buck.


Hi readers

Finally back to write my journal and its been awhile … first thing first exams are just around the corner shall study as much as I can and hope to pass, well lets move on had an awesome night hanging out with my beloved friends <3 I love them to the moon and back hahaha well honestly being with them really brings out the happy and cheerful me :) without them I’m just a nobody a loner to be exact but somehow I am grateful to have them around me and I want to say good luck to my bud and have a safe journey to Taiwan well I guess that sums up my night by the way playing darts is now my new favourite hobby ^~^ !!! hurray for darts hahaha alright I just be studying now but instead I’m writing my journal hehehe :) well signing off

Love, Amos :*

Nature is loved ❤️

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